What's My Size?      

Kimonos, Yukatas and Haoris almost always come in one size, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right one! They are made of straight cut silk panels, usually always wide and long enough and can be easily shortened if necessary. 

Just to be on the safe side, measure your hip and height. In our product details you will find the Length (L) & Back Width (B, B). 

  •   XS, S, M   All Kimono fit
  •   L                 Back Width (B) should be more than 60cm (24”)      

How to wear?

KIMONOS are traditionally closed and worn with an Obi belt. For every day style 

We recommend to close your Kimono with an Obijime belt, a thin silk, mostly even hand-braided Kumihimo cord. Almost all of our Kimonos come with a matching one!The width can be adjusted by overlapping the front fabric. The height can be adjusted by pulling up excess fabric over the belt or have it shortened. It is an easy task, which you even can do yourself or give it to a seamstress.

HAORIS are worn open most of the time. If you want to close them add some Haori Himo, also available in our shop.