Our love for beautiful traditional Japanese hand-crafted silk material awoke the desire to give these sleeping beauties a place in modern life again. So we decided to upcycle these precious vintage fabrics into beautiful sustainable interior fashion items and accessories. In Japan, fabrics and items related to the art of Kimono are made by highly skilled artisans who pass on their skills from generation to generation. The making of a Kimono is considered to be an art form in its own right and it is a time-consuming process. For the price of some Kimonos and their accessories, you would be able to purchase a small car. To differentiate the upcycled products from our vintage items in the KimonoMaedchen Shop, we decided to market them under the label: 

                                                   ”TAMI“  ”多美” 

We both chose a part of our names: TA from Tanaka and MI for Mila and made it into ”Tami“ which in Japanese means ”lots of beauty.|“ We are two best friends and our mission is to enrich your life with something really special by creating beautiful sustainable fashion items. Our ”Tami" line products include decoration pillows, clutches, iPad cases and many more items that are all „ Made in Germany“ from Japanese vintage fabric. Every item is unique as it is a one-of-a-kind product created with the utmost care and with great artistic skill by our experienced seamstresses.