Green Tea Break  


Take time for a break and enjoy the Japanese way!  

Have a cup of Green Tea, or even Matcha, the absolute in Style Drink at the moment. Visit our shop, read our new blog "Green Tea Break" and get some insights on Japan.

  My first encounter with Japanese Tea goes back a looooong way! To the 80th, when I had just met my now husband. As you can guess he is Japanese.  One day he visited me in Germany and we went to a Japanese supermarket. At that time there were only very few, and almost nobody had Green Tea, Sushi, Ramen, Soba and all this other Japanese incredibly tasty things, so many people love and appreciate now.

   There, in the shop, he showed me what he loves and misses most from Japan, while living abroad. One thing of course was Green Tea! So, we bought some and getting home later, had it.  

In those days I used to put sugar in my coffee! ……and I had also tea with sugar!  

Now you can guess, what I am about to tell you 🤭 

Yes, I put sugar in my Green Tea,too!!!!  

Thinking of it now - ugh! 

Now many, many years later I enjoy my Green Tea at a daily basis and needless to say without sugar! I know the different tastes and don’t mind the bitterness anymore. The opposite!  

I enjoy it preferable with some Japanese Sweets, this is another Japanese deli I learned to enjoy and with time love. 

Sometimes, it takes a while till you get to appreciate something you later can not think of living without anymore! 

So, if you aren’t a fan of Green Tea yet, give it a change! Try out something new and make your life richer and more interesting! 


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